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Technology Source Point provides a wide range of computer hardware, software, printers, UPSs, and support services.  While we are pleased to provide you with the very latest technology, we also understand that many organizations prefer preserving and enhancing their successful legacy systems.  We want to provide you with a practical path to progress.

As you move to new hardware and software.  With Technology Source Point, you can manage your migration without having to operate extra in-house systems and still have all the safety net capacity you want.

Technology Source Point is a very competitive source of Computers, Power Stabilization , and Software’s, Security Products i.e. CCTV, Access Controls and Servers, which offer distinctive price. Whatever your computing needs, Technology Source Point is with you all the way.

Company Profile

Technology Source Point is an Information Technology services provider specializing in a wide spectrum of fields.ie

  1. Structured Cabling Products and Installation
  2. Technical Consulting
  3. E-solutions
  4. I.T.Products Sales and Services
  5. Power Products and Security Products
  6. CCTV and Access Control Products
  7. Air and Refrigeration systems
  8. Analog-Digital Migration

Technology Source Point has well trained manpower in the above areas and has developed systems designs which meet the specific customer needs on the above areas. We fulfill our promises with speed, quality and value to both our Clients and our Partners. This extensive experience combined with reputations of excellence and professionalism provides clients with the utmost confidence in our solutions service offerings. Technology Source Point strives for a mutually beneficial relationship, delivering to needs requirements, by which the Customer is in complete control of outcomes. The company has developed infrastructure that is designed to serve its clients’ needs effectively.


To achieve successful outcomes by providing unparalleled Products and Services for next Generation IT

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